The world is most beautiful at 4 AM because people are asleep and nature is wide awake.



Life goals

1. Wash your sheets every two weeks, I promise you’ll sleep better.

2. If a boy breaks your heart, it’s okay to cry.

3. If a girl breaks your heart, it’s okay to cry.

4. School is important, but there are many things you can’t learn in a classroom. Pursue them.

5. Find your passion, and run with it.

6. No, you don’t need to lose weight.

7. You are beautiful without make up.

8. You are beautiful with make up.

9. Being a good person will never go out of style

10. Buy yourself flowers if you’re feeling sad.

11. Getting enough sleep is very important.

12. Drinking water has so many benefits

13. Believe in fairytales, believe in love, and allow no one to steal your magic.

14. Reading is good for the soul.

15. I am not here to judge you, but I will always support what I think is best for you.

16. I appreciate you.

17. I am proud of you.

18. Even on your worst days, you will never disappoint me.

19. I love you no matter what.

19 Things I Will Tell My Daughter (via brennanat)


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